Complex applications requiring high outreach and maximum lifting power challenge our customers on a daily basis. Inspired by our customers' operations, we have developed the new TEC range for you, based on our many years of experience as market leader. In addition to an eye-catching design, this innovative generation of cranes incorporates impressive precision work, making our new 9 models in the TEC range from 25 meter tons to 100 meter tons smarter, stronger and, above all, faster.

PK 1350 TEC & PK 1650 TEC

The new heavy-duty loader cranes of the TEC-Range

Premium TEC-technology to accomplish greatness – these are the two new stars PALFINGER PK 1350 TEC and PK 1650 TEC.

These loader cranes embody decades of expertise, the latest technology, and the indomitable pioneering spirit that drives our development forward. With an astounding maximum reach of 38.7 meters including fly jib and a maximum lifting moment of 109.3 mt or 124.8 mt, they set new standards in the heavy-duty loader crane segment.

Yet, their true strength lies not only in their impressive performance data but also in their intelligence. Equipped with PALTRONIC 180, state-of-the-art control electronics, these loader cranes are a masterpiece of safety and comfort. With assistance systems such as the LEVELING ASSISTANT, MEMORY POSITION, and SMART CONTROL, they achieve a new level of efficiency and user-friendliness. Even in the most demanding operational scenarios, the premium heavy-duty loader cranes maintain control thanks to the sensitive control valve LX-6, allowing for precise steering.

Dive into the future of lifting solutions – with the PALFINGER Loader Cranes of the TEC-range, where innovation meets performance and the possibilities are limitless.

PK 1350 TEC

PK 1350 TEC

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PK 1650 TEC

PK 1650 TEC

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Let's dive into it in more detail!


Let's start with the PALTRONIC 180 control electronics. This world innovation allows new smart functions that have never been seen before and gives the crane more intelligence for even more efficient and easier operations:

  • The best possible leveled truck is the basis for maximum stability and efficient crane operation. The Leveling Assistant now supports the crane operator in the stabilizing process and optimally levels the truck. The process is semi-automatic with the operation of just one lever-movement. 
  • With Smart Control, the operator controls the crane tip with just one lever instead of controlling individual functions.
  • With Memory Position, store up to 4 crane positions and operate them again and again with only 2 levers. 

In addition, the PALTRONIC 180 offers our crane operators additional comfort and assistance systems for even more performance:

  • P-Fold provides convenient unfolding and folding of the TEC crane with just one lever movement. 
  • The Rope Tension Control (RTC) ensures that the rope length is automatically adjusted to the respective crane movements and offers perfect interaction with P-Fold. 
  • The Synchronised Rope Control (SRC) automatically adjusts the rope length and maintains a constant distance between the pulley head and hook block during rope lengthening or shortening crane movements. 
  • DPS-Plus & DPS-C provide even more lifting power at the fly jib in any position of the crane. 
  • HPSC-Plus LOAD reacts to the loading condition of the truck and calculates the maximum outreach with the load on the hook according to the situation based on the inclination of the crane, ensuring optimal utilization of the working area, even with limited outrigger possibilities. 
  • HPSC-Plus GEOM enables accurate calculation of the center of gravity of the extensions and load even in the most limited spaces, as the exact position of the extension boom system is known through the length measuring system, and so is the tilting moment at maximum utilization of the TEC crane's lifting capacity.  
  • HPSC-Plus FSTAB brings enhanced performance to the TEC crane through the support force detection. 
  • The AOS anti-oscillation system developed by PALFINGER prevents the load from oscillating during rapid stopping or load changes, and the system is also beneficial when emptying big bags. 
  • Soft Stop ensures smooth braking of crane movements before the end stop. 
  • MEXT guarantees that mechanical crane extensions are detected by the crane's sensor system and integrated into the overload protection system. 
  • The MFAJ function allows the setup status of the MFA jib to be detected in the crane control system. This offers the possibility to consider and secure the MFA jib in the overload calculation of the crane. 
  • WEIGH weighs the load directly at the crane tip and can sum up to 10 loads and display them conveniently via the PALCom P7 radio remote control. 

LX-6 Control valve

The sensitive control of the new TEC-Range is only made possible by the ultimate LX-6 control valve. In combination with our specially developed PALcom P7 radio remote control, this gives our crane operators the best control over their TEC loader crane. Every movement is thus even more sensitive and, above all, faster than ever before.

PALcom P7

The PALcom P7 radio remote control is particularly ergonomic and not only guarantees fatigue-free operating, it also enables the use of a wide range of innovative assistance systems. A "PALdrive" rotary button centrally located on the radio remote control and intuitive menu navigation with a large color display enable simple and safe operation. In addition to the visual signals provided by the large color display, the P7 remote control panel also provides acoustic and haptic signals. This allows the crane operator to maintain an overview of the overall situation at all times. The operating levers are designed as joysticks or are available as linear controls.

polygonal P-ProfilE

TEC's signature feature is the polygonal P-profile of the entire extension boom system. It makes the crane models particularly light. This often means that significantly more payload can be carried on the truck. The higher stability of the extensions up to the crane tip is also characteristic of TEC cranes and enables our crane operators to work even more precisely. In addition, the P profile is particularly low-maintenance.



The entire new TEC-Range is visually eye-catching not only due to the characteristic P-profile, but also due to its unmistakable elegant, as well as functional design, which has been awarded an iF DESIGN AWARD 2023:

  • New color scheme: crane column and base are in a stylish dark gray shade, while the main boom, the knuckle boom and the additional knuckle boom are in the appealing PALFINGER red or can be customized according to customer requirements. 
  • Adapted logo display & crane designation: A raised, high-quality PALFINGER logo emblem with integrated new crane designation in a matching gray tone to the base on the main boom was used. All other logos are kept in a decent white. 
  • Increased visibility: Reflective design elements were positioned on the outriggers of the crane stabilizers. 

The Development of the new TEC loader crane range

Be curious. In 5 episodes, our PALFINGER experts will give you an insight into the creation of the new TEC range and why it will be the fulfillment of your dreams. Together, we as PALFINGER had only one goal in the development: to create the best solution for your daily challenges.

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