PALFINGER Hookloader and Skiploader

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The Palfinger Telescopic Hookloader is the ideal solution for transporting containers of different lengths. Reliable and easy to handle, this hookloader ensures the users safe working conditions. The power of the Telescopic hookloader and its reduced loading angle allow you to effectively meet your needs. The bi-speed mode helps the user to adapt the speed to the working conditions. The Telescopic hookloader is equipped with the Soft Stop option which reduces noise and shocks to the hookloader and truck’s chassis. Don’t forget the Palfinger Palcover to ensure your load is easily covered.



The Synchron hookloader, is exclusive to Palfinger, designed and manufactured by Palfinger. It’s profitable and has minimal maintenance costs. Thanks to its elliptical kinematics, the Synchron is the most easy to handle hydraulic hookloader on the market. This Palfinger –hookloader will allow your users to respond to emergencies, with a reduced loading angle. Your removable container -is secured thanks to the standard fitted pneumatic latch .

The Palfinger Palcover will be your perfect partner if you want to cover your container simply.



Power hookloader has been designed with high technology engineering providing increased robustness and reliability. The use of casted parts extends the working life of your POWER hydraulic hookloader. The articulated hookarm of the Power hookloader provides up to 60% additional reserve compared to a standard hookloader, making loading removable skips into pits possible.

You can easily cover your load with the Palcover.



The City Hydraulic Hookloader is the ideal solution for the transport and handling of a wide range of material used by municipalities and craftsmen. Designed for chassis up to 5.5T GVW, the City hookloader is the most lightweight on the market, giving you a reduced loading angle and optimum ratio between lifting capacity and payload. Its-intuitive control pad makes operations accessible to all users.



The Palfinger range of skiploaders offers the ideal weight / capacity ratio to maximize the efficiency of your chassis. The telescopic skiploader offers additional possibilities for different skips sizes and their positioning. Mounting on a cradle is also possible. The skiploader arms and tipping hooks - are made of high quality steels, making them lightweight whilst ensuring reliability anddurability . A wide choice of options are available to meet all your expectations.



The Giant Palfinger range with its sliding arm is specially designed for containers from 9 to 12m long on a truck or semi-trailer. Its robust design and 30 tons capacity make the Giant the ideal hookloader for intensive use. They are used in mining, steel and the agricultural sector. The sliding arm is used to transport different lengths of containers. The Giant -combines the advantages of Power and Telescopic