Queensland Botanicals purchased a Palfinger T22A Hookloader


In August, Queensland Botanicals purchased a Palfinger T22A Hookloader on a new Western Star 8x4 chassis to greatly improve their harvest process. Previous processes were very time consuming and the quality of the finished product was deteriorating due to the slowness of harvest. Queensland Botanical own a large parcel of farmland in the South Burnett region in South East Queensland Australia where they grow, harvest and process Duboisia. Duboisia is a leafy plant grown, harvested and processed for the alkaloids scopolamine and hyoscyamine that are used in the production of Buscopan® - commonly used in the consumer health care market.

QLD Botanicals are in the process of manufacturing specially designed tapered Hookloader bins intended to aid in the discharge of the harvested product and it is quite dense and leafy and has a tendency hang up in a conventional tip truck body. Having multiple bins placed in the field will allow the harvesters to operate non-stop during the harvesting season and ensure a high quality product delivered to the process plant. The Hookloader truck will cycle around the clock during the harvest season delivering product to the process plant and also taking waste product from the process plant back to the farms for fertilizer.