PALFINGER: Successful Light NX Platforms “Anniversary”


Access platforms in the Light NX class have been manufactured for twelve years now. They are reliable, stable in value and versatile. Today in Kasern, the 2.000th model was handed over to the Swiss UP Group.

In a league of their own: that describes the Light NX class access platforms from PALFINGER. For twelve years they have impressed customers with their convenience, comfort, low maintenance requirements and versatility. Now the 2,000th model has rolled off the production line and been handed over to the Swiss UP Group. With a workforce of 110 employees at 13 locations, this leading supplier of access platforms, passenger elevators, and goods elevators provides rentals, sales, and service to customers in trade and industry and the public sector. This “anniversary platform” is the 184th in the series that the Swiss firm has purchased.

A customer favorite

“Our customers love the Light NX access platforms,” declares UP product manager Markus Weber. “The material, hydraulics and electrics complement each other perfectly. The great advantage of these access platforms is their user friendliness,” he explains as the customer takes delivery of the platform today in Lengau.

Stable value and versatility

The standout feature of the Light NX class is its stable and robust telescopic system made of anodized aluminum. The protection against corrosion this provides reduces maintenance requirements and ensures a longer service life and excellent value retention. The automatic configuration of the stabilizers guarantees maximum safety and ease of use. Up to four machine movements at once can be carried out from the control panel. The wide range of support configurations, a slewing range of 185°, outstanding maneuverability and high basket loads of up to 300 kilograms make the Light NX class ideal for many different types of job.


Supreme quality

“I am particularly pleased that we are today able to hand over the 2,000th model to the UP Group,” says Christian Busch, Area Sales Manager PALFINGER. “Our Swiss partners expect the very highest quality standards – and they have the biggest fleet of Light NX class models. That speaks for itself.”