PALFINGER’s scrap and recycling handling solution


The combination of a PALFINGER EPSILON M100Z77 and a PALFINGER T16 hookloader is the optimal solution when it comes to quickly and effortlessly load and transport various types of waste materials.

All around the world people are starting to focus more on recycling and the way they dispose of their waste materials. This created a growing demand for scrap and recycling handling companies to find a solution to quickly and effortlessly load and transport various types of waste materials.

This was the exact challenge a PALFINGER client had in South Africa. He needed a scrap and recycling handling solution that can load the waste material he needed to remove from site and a way to transport the waste bins after they have been filled.

The PALFINGER sales and engineering team got together and decided that the best solution for this client would be a design that utilized the trucks capabilities to its fullest, by fitting a PALFINGER Epsilon Production crane with a scrap grab and a PALFINGER Hook Loader.

The team decided on a PALFINGER EPSILON  M100Z77 production loader and a PALFINGER T16 hook loader combination. This combination was chosen for a couple of reasons. The main reason being that the Epsilon Z series production crane can fold to fit behind the cab of the truck, rather than using the more traditional combination of an Epsilon L-boom production crane, that rests its boom inside the body of the truck. This allows the operator of the truck to use the PALFINGER hook loader without having to move the crane’s boom out of the way. The other advantage of this combination is that the operator can use the hook loader and production crane as a combination or by making use of the switch over valve, he can use one or the other.

With regards to fitting both the units on the truck, the PALFINGER engineering team designed and built a special subframe that was divided into two sections, the main subframe to accommodate the PALFINGER T16 hook loader and the mini subframe for the PALFINGER Epsilon M100Z77. No additional modifications or stabilizer had to be added to the truck.

With this PALFINGER scrab and recycling handling solution, the customer can load and transport any waste materials without hesitation.

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