Flexible, compact, and always ready for action

PALFINGER: On The Road With The Truck Mounted Forklift BM 214


Wherever the PALFINGER BM 214 truck-mounted forklift appears, it inspires enthusiasm. Roy Seifert, who has worked as a driver for the Bavarian building materials company Huber & Riedel GmbH since 1997, uses the truck-mounted forklift daily for a wide variety of applications.

Flexible, compact, and always ready for action

When Roy Seifert pulls up in his truck, the BM 214 is not immediately visible. It is stored inside a compact transport box. But then it only takes 30 seconds for the truck-mounted forklift to drive out of its box and be totally ready for action. Regardless of whether it is working on paved sidewalks, narrow underground car parks or bumpy gravel tracks — with the BM 214, experienced drivers can deliver to even the most remote construction sites. “Following careful consideration, we went for the BM 214. Its high level of flexibility and ability to be ready for action in record time were the decisive advantages for me, as I sometimes handle up to seven jobs per day in a very tight time frame. In addition, with its maximum lifting capacity of 2,100 kg, the truck-mounted forklift can also handle heavy loads,” says Seifert. The truck-mounted forklift in a box owes its excellent off-road capability to permanent 4x4 all-wheel drive combined with compact dimensions, which make it a real game changer for Seifert when unloading building materials on a daily basis. The operator is also impressed with the BM 214’s appearance. “In addition to the technical features, its looks were also important to me. Because it is housed inside the transport box, the BM 214 remains protected from salt water and dirt in winter. As a result, after four to five years, it still looks as new as it does today and remains fully operational,” explains Seifert.


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Perfect addition to the loader crane

Roy Seifert appreciates the capabilities of the BM 214 and knows he can rely on the benefits of PALFINGER service quality: “I already have 14 years of experience with PALFINGER loader cranes. I see the BM 214 as an add-on solution and an extension to the service provided by Huber & Riedel GmbH. Due to its compact size, it is even easier to reach places where a loader crane sometimes has less leeway, like at the far end of narrow alleys. This allows us to supply even complex construction sites with the materials they need. What's more, if you have never operated a loader crane before, the easy-to-use truck-mounted forklift is the perfect way to start.” He adds: “What I appreciate about PALFINGER is the high quality of service and the personal level of customer focus. The PALFINGER workshop where I got my first loader crane is still my trusted workshop today.”

Perfection in Action

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