Handling the heaviest loads with the latest generation of hooklifts


When the load to be transported is close to 30 tons, there is no room for error. You have to rely on the robustness of your equipment to carry out the most complex tasks while maintaining maximum flexibility to adapt to the on-site situation. Thanks to the new generation of PALFINGER's HT26 and HT30 hookloaders, handling the heaviest loads has never been so easy.

Key features

-          Articulated arm available to handle a wider variety of container lengths, avoid material spills and reduce the loading angle

-          3 ranges of unit length (standard, L, XL) to handle up to 9-meter-long containers

-          SLD and TEC technology available, providing different performance levels of functions and solutions to answer customer needs as closely as possible.

-          Semi-trailer integration for dedicated applications

-          Single lever control and proportional hydraulic system

Designed to equip 4- and 5-axle trucks, the HT 26 (A) and HT 30 (A) are the most powerful hooklifts in the PALFINGER range. They meet the current market needs for operational flexibility because they are compatible with containers up to 9 meters in length and are now available as an articulated version on the HT30. Their design combines robustness and performance even in harsh environments.

The high-tensile steel structure provides a higher degree of flexibility when operating on rough terrain. The hookloader frame follows the chassis movements without exceeding the stress limits, and the risk of breakage is greatly reduced. The castings used for the critical areas increase the mechanical strength for particularly heavy loads and improve reliability. In addition, by optimizing the hydraulic routing and limiting the number of connection points, the design engineers have reduced the risk of leaks. All these technical improvements help to keep downtime to a minimum and preserve the equipment so that it remains operational and profitable for as long as possible.

A certain level of convenience and ease of use is expected by operators with the latest generation of equipment. Also, the new unique proportional joystick provides smooth movement for precise control of the hook. The reinforced rear structure ensures excellent stability of the lifting arm for safe and comfortable handling.

This new hooklift is mainly used for off-road applications such as on construction sites for transporting rubble, in quarries for moving heavy parts, and at recycling sites for handling scrap metal.

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