Fast, flexible, efficient: ship maintenance with the PCC 57.002


During ship maintenance in Denmark, the PCC 57.002 PALFINGER crawler crane proved to be the ideal tool for tight spaces. It also scored points by being quick to transport to the place of use.

Danish transport company Tonny Sørensen has recently added the new PCC 57.002 crawler crane from PALFINGER to its crane fleet. The innovative design was an instant hit with the Danish company. 'We generally use the crane for tasks in hard-to-reach areas, in tight spaces or on difficult terrain', said CEO Tonny Sørensen, following a visit to the PALFINGER factory in Austria. These are all requirements that the PCC 57.002 more than meets thanks to its flexibility.

Not long ago, the new crawler crane successfully completed one of its first tasks on the deck of a cargo ship in the Danish town of Esbjerg. 'We used the crawler crane for maintenance work', explained Sørensen. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it is ideal for the confined spaces and all the nooks and crannies found on ships. The crane is far shorter and narrower than any conventional truck or crawler crane and so can navigate passages 2 meters wide and 2.9 meters high, or even just 2.2 meters high when used as a 'walking crane'. Thanks to its innovative sliding double H-frame, the crane can 'walk' when the crawler undercarriage is detached. This enables the PCC 57.002 to access areas that are far beyond the reach of other equipment.

Compact and straightforward transportation

This all-rounder was also extremely easy to bring onto the ship. The lifting gear was attached to the heavy-duty outrigger frame, enabling the crane to be raised quickly and safely to its place of use. Since this means that it is closer to its work site, a smaller crane can be used – yet another advantage in applications where every centimeter counts. The knuckle boom geometry of the PCC 57.002 ensures that even difficult areas – for example, where the crane has to pass under girders or above projecting edges – are easy to reach. What's more, depending on the job, a full set of tools is available; this is the case for hook, rope winch and workman basket operation. The performance of the PCC 57.002 on the ship impressed transport company Tonny Sørensen from more than just a technical perspective: thanks in part to its short set-up times, the PCC 57.002 was able to complete the job safely and efficiently.