Efficient scaffolding construction with the PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklift: Reliability soaring to new heights!


In the ever-evolving world of construction, innovations and efficient solutions are crucial for completing construction projects on time and safely. One innovation is the use of PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklifts for scaffold dismantling: a method that enhances efficiency and improves safety on the construction site.

Recently, near Munich, in a large construction project requiring the dismantling of an extensive scaffold system, the PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklift was deployed to assist in the dismantling process.

Gerüstbau Strixner GmbH, founded in 1997 by Fritz Strixner, carried out scaffold construction work inside a sports hall. The setup and dismantling operations were supported by the PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklift F3 253 PX 4W.

Managing Director Fritz Strixner about the on-site deployment:


"Approximately 45 tons of scaffolding were lifted out through the gate opening of the sports hall using the long and adjustable forks of the TMF. On that day, we had very bad weather, with the ground being soaked and very muddy. Thanks to the all-wheel-drive capability of the equipment, the tires were able to grip through the uneven terrain.

What further benefited us was that, by using the forklift, we were able to save 50 % of the planned working time. Instead of the estimated 6 days, we only needed 3 days for the dismantling. This means that we can start much earlier on other planned construction sites, making us more cost-effective."


The use of the PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklift proved to be highly effective and brought a range of benefits, such as time savings. By utilizing the TMF, heavy scaffold parts could be lifted and transported to the designated storage area quickly and precisely. This significantly reduced the time required for dismantling the scaffold, thereby shortening the overall duration of the construction project.


Furthermore, the use of the Truck Mounted Forklift significantly contributed to safety on the construction site. By safely lifting and moving heavy loads, potential risks to the workers were minimized. The risk of injuries from manual lifting and transporting heavy loads was drastically reduced, leading to a safer working environment.

Strixner's employees were interviewed about operating the TMF:

"Operating the forklift is just fun. You don't have to dismount, you can work through the hydraulic fork positioning. The device does not tip over and is very stable. With the lifting and loading capacity of the PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklift, we really save a lot of energy. We experience high operator comfort and can work in a way that is absolutely back-friendly."

For Fritz Strixner, the use of the equipment also means combating the shortage of skilled workers.


Another key aspect was the flexibility of the PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklift. With its ability to navigate uneven terrain and maneuver in tight work areas, the TMF proved highly adaptable to the site's requirements. This allowed for the efficient and precise dismantling of the scaffolding, even in areas that are challenging for conventional equipment to access.

Overall, this deployment illustrates the value that modern technologies like the PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklift can offer to construction projects. By combining efficiency, safety, and flexibility, the TMF helps optimize scaffolding dismantling and increase productivity on the construction site. It's clear that the use of such innovative solutions holds a promising future for the construction industry.


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