Customer service par excellence with the PALFINGER BM 214


The box-mounted truck-mounted forklift from PALFINGER meets the high demands of the construction materials company Huber & Riedel. A day with truck driver Roy Seifert shows how the BM 214 fulfills these requirements in everyday work.


Within 30 seconds, Roy and the truck-mounted forklift are ready for operation. With a radio remote control (RRC), he drives the BM 214 out of the box and positions the lifting mast, along with the forks, into the working position. While the operator prepares the forklift for its task, he maintains complete control at all times thanks to the remote control. The low weight allows for transporting the forklift in a box between the axles, underneath the loading platform of the trailer. This well-thought-out solution ensures secure transport without sacrificing loading space.

Roy Seifert has a tight tour schedule. With his fully loaded semi-trailer, he must deliver construction materials to various unloading locations. To ensure that the ordered goods are not only delivered but also stored directly at the destination until further use, customers have added the additional service when placing their orders. Arriving at the first unloading point, the truck-mounted forklift effortlessly retrieves the pallet of cement from the truck's loading platform. Thanks to the 4-wheel drive and a substantial amount of power, the operator transports the load across rough terrain to the future entrance of the building. Upon reaching the destination, the forklift, using a push fork, maneuvers the pallet safely through the door opening into the future ground floor of the single-family house.


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On to the next construction site. Here, drywall panels are needed for renovation work and are to be temporarily stored in the garage. The limited space poses no obstacle for the compact truck-mounted forklift. With a height of less than two meters, it can fit into any garage. Optimal customer service means that before continuing the journey, the forklift maneuvers the Bigbag filled with stones through a narrow gate into the garden. Right to the spot where the customer will need it later. In the process, the forklift leaves hardly any traces on the lawn, as the payload is distributed optimally on the wide tires, exerting minimal ground pressure on the surface.

Examples like these demonstrate that with PALFINGER's smart product, the customer-oriented service philosophy, as practiced by the construction materials company Huber & Riedel in Gunzenhausen, can be implemented without compromise. For over 170 years and in the fourth generation, the company has been locally active with extensive expertise in all construction-related matters and is known beyond the city limits as a reliable partner for planners, craftsmen, and builders. "We are a specialist store that delivers quality at the highest level: from consultation to delivery. That's why we quickly agreed on the PALFINGER truck-mounted forklift BM 214 when equipping the new truck," explains Markus Geißelmeyer, Managing Director at Huber & Riedel. Roy was involved in the search for the suitable truck-mounted forklift, and together they were able to highlight the technical advantages and cost-effectiveness of the PALFINGER BM 214 compared to the competition.

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