Critical Powerline utility works with the P 370 KS in Australia


Maintenance work on power lines like replacing insulators or making repairs to the conductors is actually part of an operator's daily business at LinCon Hire & Sales. Exercising it along the Ridge Road makes it particularly. Due to the high traffic it is impossible to close the narrow roadways, making the job even more demanding.. Most of the roadway itself is winding and going up a hill, along with a steep camber which allows for water to run off. Besides work permits are needed, SWMS (safe working method statements) with provision for a fixed earth point, plus traffic control is mandatory, too.

The high trained power utility workers master every difficulty with the PALFINGER P370 KS. There is little space to set up the access platform, in a terrain that is difficult to access, sloping and densely overgrown. Within a few minutes, the P 370 KS is positioned on the densely overgrown slope with a steep gradient and the stabilizers are extended stably and safely. Thanks to the fully variable stabilizer system, the stabilizers can be positioned precisely, even on uneven terrain with 730mm stroke and up to 5° of inclination.

Then the workers quickly climb into the robust working cage with 500kg cage load and are lifted gently but quickly to the power lines with one pull of a joystick, because poisonous snakes lurk in the bushes and nobody wants to get acquainted with them. With these critical type of works, it is always better to be prepared for the unexpected. So the high trained power utility workers take some tools with them for the maintenance work. They need to pay attention to the weather. They are getting updates every 30 mins due to winds and rain. They also have to make sure the unit is positioned well, to get the maximum reach/field of operation for the use of hydraulic tools. “Our experience with the P 370 KS is great. The handling on a 4x4 truck is easy especially on the terrain, we are operating on”, says Craig Guschal (General Manager at LinCon) “This model doesn’t have to be moved often, so you save time and can work on a large section of power lines from one location with the help of the enormous lateral outreach of up to 31.5 metres”. Our operators are doing well, especially with the stability of the basket in windy conditions.

Thanks to the proven stable PALFINGER telescopic system, the P 370 KS combines enormous performance and extreme robustness with a compact design. The counter slewing system allows the platform to be turned within the mirror width of the vehicle and is thus optimal for working in flowing traffic. The family business LinCon was founded by Colleen Lindores in Brisbane in 2001 and started with an old tin shed in an outer suburb of Brisbane. Today, the head office is at the same yard, albeit in a new shed. They own close to 150 trucks, alongside a team of 140 dedicated staff and have expanded the footprint across six states in Australia. LinCon were the first in Australia to facilitate High-Voltage live line electrical maintenance.