Oil and Gas

oil and gas

PALFINGER Telescopic Service Cranes working in the oil and gas industry provide you with the utmost precision to handle both light and heavy loads smoothly and with extreme pinpoint precision. Our comprehensive Electric | Hydraulic or Hydraulic Service Crane range is ideally suited for the oil and gas market.

PALFINGER manufactures service cranes from 3,200 lbs. to 14,000 lbs., all with proportional wireless controls and weight-optimized booms to increase lifting capacity while maintaining truck payload. Whether performing electrical service, compression service or servicing large oilfield equipment, PALFINGER has the right crane for your application. Add a PALFINGER Personnel Basket, and your crane becomes an even more versatile tool when working up to 37 feet off the ground.

PALFINGER has a long history in the oilfield industry, and we manufacture service cranes to suit a wide range of needs. We understand the challenges in the oilfield and manufacture the best available equipment for the job to make sure your fleet is productive and dependable — day and night.

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