Electric | Hydraulic

PSC 4016

Electric | Hydraulic

Service Cranes
Imperial Metric
Capacity 4,000 LBS
Outreach Up to 16 FT
Crane Weight Up to 650 lbs.

Best suited for lower duty cycles, all Electric | Hydraulic Service Cranes are equipped with standard, single function proportionate control and offer the highest lifting capacity (ft. lbs), the best weight-to-lift ratio and the longest reach in the industry. Optional features including 90% acoustic overload warning, 3rd wrap limiting system and boom tip hooks are available to fit your application and service truck needs.

The PSC 4016 is available in either Electric | Hydraulic or Hydraulic Configurations.  

Built to last

PALFINGER Service Cranes are the industry's only E-coated telescopic cranes. Epoxy electrocoat (E-Coat) provides superior anti-corrosion protection to ensure that your service crane holds up against the toughest of job site conditions.

Lighter. Longer. Stronger.

PALFINGER Service Cranes are as much as 30% lighter and 20% stronger than the competition. With the longest reach in the industry, you can make fewer setup adjustments on the job site and access challenging lifts with ease.


Hexagonal booms

Provide superior strength

Hexagonal booms are constructed using ultra-low maintenance high tensile strength self-centering single weld sections powered by internal extension cylinders.

Extension cylinders

Deliver exceptional performance & durability

Internal extension cylinders provide 16' of outreach (manual tip section). All cylinders are E-coated and use a 5 stage marine grade seal system. Add PALFINGER’s dual hydraulic boom extension option to eliminate the manual slide out extension for easier and quicker operation.

Proportional control

Maximizes load control and operator efficiency

Through the control valve, single function proportional control of all hydraulic functions is standard.

Control System

Simplifies operation and improves safety

Features a standard proportional wireless remote control unit, integrated E-stop button, warning horn and manual valve activation capability. Cranes are controlled with 12V DC power supply.

Intelligent Winch Console (IWC)

Eliminates boom tip apparatus and reel

Two-block damage prevention system is integrated into the winch mounting platform eliminating the need for boom tip apparatus and cord reel. Complies with ASME B30.5.

Planetary winch

Maximizes performance

Planetary winch provides speed and durability.

Horse Head

Compact and ready for accessories

Low profile design with threaded weldment for mounting optional boom tip hook(s) and lights. No A2B components to interfere with operation.

Load block stowing bracket

Protects boom

Bracket and pads are designed to keep load block from contacting the boom when stowed.

Protective covers

Withstand tough conditions

Designed to protect sensitive crane operating components against the weather and resist damage from exterior forces. Functional hinge design allows easy access to the receiver.



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