Electrification at PALFINGER


PALFINGER presents its first products with alternative drive systems at bauma 2019

PALFINGER is aware of its ecological responsibility and offers a range of products including alternative drive systems (e.g. electric, hybrid). PALFINGER’s sustainable products stand out from the crowd, not only because of the way in which they maximise safety during use, but also because they minimise energy consumption, costs and emissions. With the first electrically operated access platform P 370 KS E and the electric concept crane PK 18502 SH, PALFINGER now presents two further innovations in this field.

P 370 KS E – the first electrically operated access platform from PALFINGER

At IAA 2018, PALFINGER presented the P 370 KS E, its first electrically operated access platform. This premium-class platform is quiet, efficient and emissions-free, making it ideal for night-time and indoor work such as bridge maintenance, work in tunnels and buildings or specialist assignments in city centres and on large construction sites.

At the heart of this pioneering access platform is an intelligent energy management system that ensures the smooth interaction of components such as the electric motor with hydraulic pump and the integrated battery charging system. At the same time, combining the electric drive system with a diesel drive system guarantees the performance and service life of a diesel-powered machine at low operating costs. Compared with an access platform operated by diesel alone, the P 370 KS E offers considerable fuel savings, is much quieter and has lower carbon emissions.

Depending on how the product is used, the P 370 KS E can be operated for one full working day in electric mode thanks to optimum power adjustment. An external power supply ensures optimised on-site charging during downtimes and breaks. The intelligent charging system with an integrated quick-charging function shortens the charging time by 25 percent. After just one hour of charging, the platform can be operated electrically again for up to one and a half hours, depending on how it is used.

In addition to its prodigious power, the P 370 KS E offers impressive flexibility. With a maximum cage load of 500 kilograms, it can achieve working heights of up to 37 metres and lateral outreach of as much as 31.5 metres. However, it still remains compact and manoeuvrable with a vehicle length of just 8.35 metres and the patented counter slewing device. Thanks to these advantages, it is a real all-rounder for working at height.

PK 18502 SH – electric concept crane

In addition to the electric access platforms, PALFINGER will be taking the subject of electrification for the crane sector to the next level at bauma 2019, presenting the PK 18502 SH as an example of the possibilities. The PK 18502 SH can be operated with a plug-in electric drive as well as fully autonomously with a battery pack, which can in turn be supplied either by the power grid or via a generator. If the charging option with a generator is used, the battery can also be charged during travel or while the truck’s engine is running. This guarantees all-day crane operation in any situation (as with conventional crane set-ups).

Quiet, zero-emissions crane operation is crucial especially for work in urban areas, at night or inside buildings, where any sort of disturbance needs to be kept to a minimum. Thanks to its modular and compact design, the concept can be used and converted for various truck types and crane sizes. The positioning of the battery in the auxiliary frame ensures the best possible safety at all times.

These electric crane models can be serviced at any PALFINGER workshop.

PALFINGER at bauma 2019

At bauma 2019, PALFINGER will be showcasing more than 20 different installations on two trade fair stands covering a total area of 1,900 m2. The P 370 KS E and the PK 18502 SH will be on the PALFINGER main stand.

PALFINGER main stand: Open area FN.826/9
PALFINGER Platforms: Open area FS.1304/1


PALFINGER (CEO Andreas Klauser) is a leading international manufacturer of innovative lifting solutions for use on commercial vehicles, ships and stationary equipment. Based in Bergheim, Austria, the PALFINGER Group develops and produces leading solutions for its customers and partners all over the world. With more than 11,000 employees and over 5,000 sales and service centers, PALFINGER is close to the market and to its customers.

As a technology leader, the company also drives digitalization, electrification and autonomous systems as central components for future solutions and products in order to secure a long term partnership and success with its customers.

Convinced that sustainable thinking and acting significantly contributes to economic success, PALFINGER takes social, ecological and economic responsibility along the entire value chain.

With this vision and conviction to offer the most efficient and innovative solutions for its customers and partners, PALFINGER generated total sales of EUR 1.75 billion in 2019.


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