Flying hai! – the idea for the flying machine

When it comes to the idea for their flying machine, the team was inspired by a well-known marine animal: the shark. With its slender, streamlined body and highly sensitive sensory organs, it is far superior to many opponents in the water. No wonder that the fish with its impressive characteristics serves as a role model for the team. After all, the team members work with a PALFINGER product every day whose characteristics closely resemble those of a shark.

We’re talking about the PALFINGER marine crane, which stands for an optimum combination of performance and economy. With its slim, strong design, high precision, and precise sensors and controls, the crane is superior to its competitors – which proves its resemblance to a shark, don’t you think?

The team's goal is to combine the best features and capabilities of the king of the ocean with those of the new ruler of the PALFINGER MARINE kingdom in their flying machine – and then, take off with it at the Red Bull Flugtag!

Use of materials 2.0

If you combine the words new and great, you get the word innovative. And that’s exactly the term that best describes the materials used during the construction phase. True to the motto "make something new from something old, and make it sustainable and airworthy", components made of wood and cotton are used for the flying machine.

The crew also demonstrated special creativity in their choice of glue: Flour and water are mixed into a paste that makes the components stick together and ensures stability.

Just like the flying shark, the performance at the Red Bull Flugtag is still "under construction". But it will definitely be a "hailight" (Hai = Engl. shark) – that’s for sure.