PK 56502 High Performance

Loader Crane

PK 56502 High Performance
Solid and reliable crane power with proven High Performance qualities. This is how the PK 56502 presents itself to the market. Operators benefit from its efficient power to performance ratio and high slewing torque. Equipped with Power Link Plus, maintenance free extension system and functional design elements this crane has all features that make customers around the world more successful.

Low-maintenance extension system

With sliding elements made of synthetic material and the high-quality KTL coating, this boom system significantly simplifies service performed by the operator. This saves time and money – and protects the environment.

Power Link Plus

With the 15 degree reverse linkage system, you can reach through low door openings and also work inside buildings. Heavy crane work – even in difficult conditions.

Return oil utilisation

The high speed of the extension system is impressive. It results from return oil utilisation, which is installed as standard, and the generously dimensioned hydraulic lines. This increases efficiency in all types of applications!



PK 56502 | 62002 EH

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