18 - 19 t GVW



Recommended Application heavy duty applications
Lifting Capacity 17 t

Designed for the harshest work, it will never let you down

Designed to operate in harsh environments or off-road applications, the P 17 ensures easy and safe handling of loads up to 17 t. The available power of the Power hooklift allows optimal use, even in difficult working conditions, even if the load exceeds the expected weight, and if the container is in a ditch.

It can be installed on chassis of 26 t GVW, covering all the jobs that require powerful and robust equipment: in agriculture, construction, off-road and several other application areas.

The exclusive design of the Power category arms provides a reserve of power to lift containers from ditches and offers great versatility in handling and transporting equipment or transferring to trailers. The Power equipped vehicle will always be able to face the challenge!

When working conditions already require a lot of attention, it is important to be able to count on particularly reliable equipment. Within the wide range of PALFINGER hookloaders, the Power series has the highest safety factor in the calculation of the mechanical structure. Therefore, the users that are most safety-conscious, choose the POWER model for handling their containers.

ADVANTAGES of the POWER category

  • Lifting capacity remains the same for any frame height
  • Robust design for tough applications
  • Pit loading
  • Minimal maintenance and reduced wearing
Silent mode

Noise or safety, why should you choose?

Whether it's to keep a sleepy street quiet or to reduce the sound level of a noisy site, the new "Silent mode" option can improve working conditions while maintaining a high level of safety.

When the option is activated, the traditional buzzer is replaced by three flashing lights to warn of possible arm movement. The lights are strategically placed around the hookloader for maximum visibility: one at the front and two at the rear. The safety of the work site is preserved and the operator handles the containers in better conditions.

Automatic cycle

Control your PALFINGER hookloader with ease

Whether it's unloading, loading or tipping, the automatic sequence control of the PALFINGER hooklift performs all the necessary hydraulic functions automatically one after the other.
Simply select the function, operate the joystick and the work cycle is complete. The movements of the underride protection, the hydraulic inner lock, the telescopic arm, the tipping cylinder and the optional functions such as axle stabilizers or the front body safety device are now carried out autonomously in the planned sequence.

All you have to do is monitor the process.


PAD - Pro active drive - control system

PAD controls: an intelligent system for convenient use, improved safety and better information. A PALFINGER development that offers a wide choice of options including automatic cycle.



Hookloader - POWER-POWER-A

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Hook and Skiploader - Mounting Accessories

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Hookloader - PALCOVER

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