Whisper-Quiet Beverage Logistics


The traditional Bavarian beer brewed by Hofbräuhaus Traunstein is loaded onto the delivery truck with the same care and expertise with which it is made. Thanks to the latest technology, the Truck Mounted Forklift F3 151 with Silent Pack from PALFINGER enables safe, quiet and user-friendly delivery of a key Bavarian product.

For more than 400 years, Hofbräuhaus Traunstein has been brewing beer in accordance with the German Purity Law to quench the thirst of its customers. “Our beer is a staple here in Bavaria and our key task is to quench as many thirsty Bavarian throats with our beer as possible,” explains Maximilian Sailer, master brewer and owner of the Hofbräuhaus Traunstein. In order to do justice to this task, the Bavarian family business relies on another authentic family business just a few kilometers away for its deliveries: PALFINGER.

Easy to Operate and Quiet

There is high demand for beer brewed to the best Bavarian quality, which is why delivery to beer gardens and beverage markets should be quick, reliable and as quiet as possible. This is where the PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklift F3 151 with Silent Pack comes into its own. Because with its precise drive, it is custom-built for the requirements of beverage and food logistics. Sensitive goods such as glass bottles are then in good hands, and its smooth driveline ensures precise maneuvering even in tight spaces, such as between beverage pallets. “The advantages for me as a driver are that it is easy to operate, and it is quiet. The forklift is ready for action in about 30 seconds and after a total of one minute per pallet I'm done,” says Paul Sutru, HB Traunstein delivery driver, describing everyday life with the Truck Mounted Forklift F3 151, going on to say: “It's easy to drive; I can reach everything and I have a good all-round view. It is fun to work with. I am pleased that my boss bought this forklift and I am satisfied with PALFINGER.” Even at noise-critical times, such as in the early morning hours, it is possible to work whisper-quietly with the Truck Mounted Forklift F3 151. That is because the optional integrated Silent Pack reduces noise by 8 decibels. That is 13 decibels quieter than the legal limit.

The Lightweight Among Truck Mounted Forklifts

With its low dead weight from 1,340 kilograms without forks, the F3 151 is the lightest Truck Mounted Forklift in its class. At the same time, it has an impressive weight-to-load ratio. This is because the PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklift can handle a load of 1.5 tons. That makes even a pallet fully loaded with drink crates a breeze. “The advantages of this vehicle are that drivers can unload the goods and pick up the empties on their own. They are self-sufficient because they are not dependent on other forklifts at the point of delivery and can move everything around themselves. This allows drivers to handle each delivery quickly,” explains Hubert Strobl, logistics manager at HB Traunstein, and adds with a smile: “The most important thing about it all is, of course, that people get their beer to quench their thirst.”

Perfection in Action

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