The perfect maintenance solution for a customer in agriculture


Africa is known for their wide spread country sites and above all for the role they play in the world-wide agricultural market. With most farms being hundreds of kilometres away from any town or maintenance centre, most farmers rely on their own teams for the day-to-day upkeep and maintenance around the farm. This is where the PALFINGER lifting solutions come into play. 

A request from across the border 

The PALFINGER partner in South Africa was contacted by a farmer based in Zimbabwe, that needed a maintenance solution for his farm and sugar mill. He needed a lifting solution that can not only reach 18-meters in working height, but that can also reach sideways over buildings as well as platforms, that might restrict access to the conveyor belts needing repair. In addition to that the farmer needs a basket with space for at least two people and their hand-held tools.  

A lifting solution that fits 

The experienced team of engineers and sales personnel from PALFINGER’s local dealer suggested a P200A aerial platform on a UD Croner truck to expand the customers’ existing truck fleet. Thanks to the all-round stability of this product and truck combination, minimum modifications were needed. They fitted the truck with the standard aerial platform subframe and added an additional crew cab for the transportation of operators and tools from one site to the next.  

Export and Training 

The manufacturing of the subframe and the mounting of the PALFINGER P200A aerial platform was done by a PALFINGER partner in Johannesburg (South Africa). The export of the truck was arranged by the local UD truck dealer to the client in Zimbabwe. The PALFINGER South African team met with the client on-site and gave the whole operating crew, familiarization training on the product.  

For more information on this project or similar projects, contact our local dealer in South Africa directly by visiting their website: or via the Sales- & Service Search