The International Exhibition for Track Technology in Münster / Germany

PALFINGER Railway at the International Exhibition for Track Technology in Münster / Germany (iaf), is by far the largest fair in the world in the field of track technology.

With over 200 exhibitors from 18 countries, around 25,000 attendees and a gigantic exhibition area in the indoor and outdoor area of Halle Münsterland, the iaf is by far the largest fair in the world in the field of track technology.

From from 30th May to 1st June 2017 new developments and innovations from the fields of rail technology and infrastructure will be presented here in Münster. PALFINGER Railway will participate this year for the first time and exhibits the workman basket BB 049 with new, convenient levelling mechanism.

The new PALFINGER Railway workman basket BB 049 made of aluminium with telescopic railing can be reduced to the common denominators of requiring little space and being quick to stow away while still providing outstanding performance, stability and safety. Railway workman baskets transform any crane into a fully-fledged access platform and are particularly efficient and effective when it comes to increasing the possible applications of your crane.

Space-saving storage and transport locking on the roof

The BB 049 can be placed directly on the roof of the carrier vehicle and is therefore ideal for use in confined spaces. The space saved can be put to more efficient use elsewhere. The newly developed rotary drive for the levelling system as well as the telescopic railing enable a low transport and stowage position with a total height of only 800 mm (in the transport position). The extremely user-friendly levelling mechanism ensures smooth and steady movements in all positions. The mechanical transport locking of the extension boom (hook device) to the roof of the carrier vehicle saves valuable set-up time. No lashings are required, as was usual up to now.

Simple and user-friendly to hook up and detach

Thanks to the optimised locking system between the extension boom and the basket, the BB 049 is straightforward and simple to hook up and detach and the locking bolts can be slid into place smoothly. Hooking up and detaching the basket does not require the crane to be moved, even when under the overhead lines or if it is also stored on the vehicle roof. On the loading surface, the basket can be detached in a position swivelled to 90°, which reduces the storage length.

Lightweight and robust equipment

The workman basket and telescopic railing are made of aluminium. This makes the equipment very lightweight. It is also extremely robust due to the square aluminium tubes and has a maximum loading capacity of 600 kg. An insertion tube installed in the corner opens up additional possible uses for even greater efficiency when working, such as for roller jaws (for adjusting overhead lines) or chain hoists (for loading the basket with tools or equipment with a maximum lifting capacity of 150 kg). All cable runs are protected, which reduces potential repair and maintenance costs. Electric, pneumatic and hydraulic connections for the operation of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic tools provide the final touch and make the square basket into a real all-rounder.

Moreover, thanks to its conformity with EN280, the BB 049 guarantees maximum safety and meets the highest requirements for all work on mobile access platforms.

Want to experience the new basket in person? Then visit us at stand S/423 at the IAF in Münster from 30 May until 1 June 2017 and try out the new, convenient levelling mechanism for yourself. We look forward to your visit!