PALFINGER: Ready to operate with Renault Trucks in Ivory Coast


Ivory Coast is known to be the world´s biggest producer of cocoa, yet the country in West Africa is about to diversify its economy. With an average annual GDP growth of 6% Ivory Coast ranks among the continent’s emerging markets and most rapidly expanding economies. The construction industry is key to this successful development. Therefore, reliable working tools and solutions just like the PALFINGER turnkey solutions – a ready to operate truck with a reliable loader crane – are in high demand.

Strong response

Shortly, PALFINGER presented its first standardized turnkey solution designed to exactly match the market needs in Ivory Coast. The PK 23500 loader crane has been installed onto a Renault trucks K380 rigid 6x4 heavy 34T euro 3. By joining forces with the French truck manufacturer PALFINGER won a highly reliable partner in and with a network among the densest and well prepared in Africa. Thanks to this cooperation the response to the PK 23500 was remarkable. With the clear business model to offer ready to operate trucks, the online sales platform PALDRIVE Africa ensures immediate availability for customers and PALFINGER partners.

Essential reliability

The first Turnkey Solution arrived in Ivory Coast recently. Here it will be used at a large construction site to transport various equipment. Thanks to its customized body solution even demanding conditions with 90% humidity and temperatures constantly high as 35° Celsius are no problem. The availability of a truck in combination with a reliable loader crane such as the PK 23500 from PALFINGER, with its high lifting capacity, is essential. As is the ability to master sometimes stony and especially rugged tracks. Thanks to the incredibly well-built overall truck concept from the PALFINGER Mounting Competence Center, the RENAULT TRUCKS Kcan cope with these particularly rough conditions. The trust in PALFINGER solutions is evident as the client in Ivory Coast, a major player in the construction industry, has ordered another unit already.

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