PK 22.001L TEC 7

PK 22.001L TEC 7

Loader Crane

High outreach and high operating speed ensure efficient handling of construction material

  • Maximum radius of action thanks to slewing angle of 440 degrees 
  • Optimized lubrication of the slewing mechanism thanks to an oil bath right up to the head bearing
  • Avoiding damage of the hydraulic hoses and compact set-up dimensions thanks to the new internal hose guiding system 
  • Excellent visibility and high operator comfort thanks to new top seat with new joystick control 
  • More lifting capacity thanks to S-HPLS and high operator friendliness thanks to PALcom P7 (PK 22.001L TEC 7 and PK 26.001L TEC 7)


The polygonal or drop-shaped P-Profile is especially rigid and simultaneously light weight design perfection. Thanks to self-lubricating materials, the extension boom system is low in maintenance.



L Crane Range

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