PALFINGER Loader Cranes

Earth Augers

You need foundations for carport, mast or road signs?

With the earth auger, these works can be carried out within the shortest time without the need for an additional excavator. Whether is it earth, gravel or slightly rocky ground - with the right drilling teeth, the auger becomes an all-rounder.

With minimal effort, you create a hole with the necessary diameter - without the annoying and for concrete works material-intensive slope angle, resulting from classical excavation works.


  • The drilling drives, producing a torque from 925 up to 7500Nm, have the highest drilling performance and resistance.

  • The integrated NDS - Non-Dislogement Shaft - prevents the shaft from falling out at any time. An absolute must for work safety.

  • An integrated service plug allows quick and easy oil change.


  • The drills are available with a diameter of 150 to 900mm.

  • The auger is easily fixed on the drive with bolts.

  • With the appropriate extensions up to 7m drilling depth is possible - with diameters up to 600mm.


  • Optimal drilling characteristics due to subsoil specific drilling teeth for earth, gravel and rocky ground.

  • The connection between tooth and auger varies according to the tooth and aims at a maximum service lifetime and easy serviceability.


  • The folding device facilitates the safe storage of the earth auger

  • Reduces downtimes for disassembly and reinstallation of the auger during tool changing or intermittent hook operation.