Connectivity During Operation and Servicing

A high level of operating convenience and low maintenance requirements make the PALFINGER PH T20 TEC 5 hookloader a perfect solution. That is something very much appreciated by Tremblaye - a special vehicles rental company in France - who decided to go for the innovative hookloader when expanding its fleet.

Regardless of whether in agriculture, the construction industry or in recycling - hookloaders are used in all sectors, and the same applies to the hookloaders belonging to the French company Tremblaye. Specialized in the rental of commercial goods transport vehicles, their fleet consists of over 900 vehicles. “We need reliable, high-quality machines that impress our drivers,” says Managing Director Hervé Tremblaye in describing his expectations regarding the vehicles. Accordingly, together with the technical service team, the drivers had the final say on purchasing the new hookloaders. After testing models from various brands, they decided in favor of the PH T20 TEC 5 hookloader from PALFINGER.

Connectivity During Operation

Tremblaye’s drivers and customers now make use of the latest operations technology. In the TEC5 version, the PALFINGER hookloaders are characterized by delivering maximum convenience for users. Thanks to the patented PAD touch control, all of the container’s movements are safely controlled from the cab of the truck using the joystick. This enables the operator to move the container with precision while tracking the position of the hookloader in real-time on the touch screen. The supporting camera view package shows the exact position of the hook during the loading process.

Optimized Maintenance

“With up to 15 deployments a day for each hookloader, our machines are heavily utilized, and PALFINGER vehicles stand out for their reliability,” says Jérôme Habert in praise. As the workshop manager he is responsible for the maintenance of the vehicles. His daily challenge is to reduce failures and any downtime that might result. The automated work cycles, which prevent operator errors and significantly reduce the risk of failure, support him in his task. “Everything runs automatically, so you can’t forget anything, and there are significantly lower maintenance costs,” he enthuses. Another advantage from the workshop manager’s point of view is the quick and easy diagnostics made possible by the error codes transmitted by PALDIAG. In many cases, this system allows troubleshooting to be carried out remotely.

A Real Partnership

80 percent of Tremblaye’s hookloaders now come from PALFINGER. The company benefits from the comprehensive service network provided by PALFINGER FRANCE and focuses on innovation.  “We make a point of keeping up with technical developments and make the necessary investments to meet quality demands. Thanks to these technical developments, we not only offer our customers new services, enhanced safety and productivity, we also take care of the safety and well-being of our employees by relieving them of tedious menial work,” is how Tremblaye summarizes his experience with products and solutions from PALFINGER.


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