First PK 135.002 TEC 7 to APAC region arrives in Singapore


The first unit of PK 135.002 TEC 7 was handed over to our customer in Singapore, Lee Teck Lee Transport in February this year.

The unit, packed with full capabilities features of the TEC 7 series and a PJ190E Fly Jib, is the largest unit in the customer’s fleet of 10 PALFINGER cranes. In addition, it has 32 meters of lateral outreach, which is the main reason the customer chose it.

The main application of the crane is to hoist soil testing machines from one location to another, with other projects related to the Mass Rapid Transit company and Land Transport Authority in Singapore, also require cranes with particularly high outreach.

We spoke with the operator to understand more!

He shared with us that the long outreach enables the lorry crane to remain on the road, while precisely placing the equipment in the exact required position across obstacles such as trees, fences, and drains.

This ensures a shorter time needed to deploy, and a greater level of convenience since there is no need to go onto soil and softer terrain, especially in Singapore where torrential rainfall is high. As the loads are typically bulky but not extremely heavy, precision is important not to damage the load and the environment. Any damage to any of the obstacles in the environment would incur heavy fines for the company.

About PALFINGER Asia Pacific

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