PK 135.002 TEC 7 – Lifting capacity meets loading capacity

PALFINGER is expanding its comprehensive product portfolio in the heavy-duty crane segment to include another TEC-series model. The new PK 135.002 TEC 7 offers an outstanding ratio of lifting capacity to dead weight. This new crane can be equipped with three different fly jibs and features a full range of sensor technology, which allows it to achieve reaches and lifting capacities comparable to cranes one or two classes higher.

Specialist for heavy-duty loads and high outreaches

The PK 135.002 TEC 7 can be put to an impressively diverse range of uses: whether performing heavy-duty operations, precision assembly work, operations requiring long reaches, container handling, lift system installation or roofing work, the crane is in its element. Three different fly jibs on three different extension booms can be fitted to extend the reach of the PK 135.002 TEC 7: The fly jibs PJ 240, PJ 190 and PJ 150. The last two are brand-new designs and, like the PJ 240, they are technically based on the application of the new P-Profile.

Exceptionally cost-effective

In a direct comparison with the Palfinger PK 150002, the rigorously lightweight design and the P-Profile make this new model some 2,000 kg lighter – all while offering up to 35% higher lifting capacity when used with the fly jib.

Designed for payload reserves

Two choices are available when it comes to choosing the carrier vehicle for the PK 135.002 TEC 7. A four-axle truck with a permissible total weight of 32 t leaves 2,500–3,000 kg of free payload. A five-axle truck with a total weight of 40 t leaves as much as 8,000 kg of free payload. The customer benefits are obvious. No permissions are required for special transport operations with back-up vehicles, nor are there any route restrictions. Nonetheless, customers benefit from a universally deployable vehicle with payload.

Innovative developments

Thanks to MEXT, TOOL and WEIGH, the PK 135.002 TEC 7 features a range of additional innovative options. MEXT allows one or two mechanical extensions to be monitored by sensors and as a result to be integrated into the overload protection system. TOOL allows various additional devices, which are connected via the multifunctional adapter (MFA), to be included in the calculation of the stability limit. And finally, WEIGH allows crane operators to weigh the load directly with the crane, thereby getting an overview of the positions which can be reached.

Tried-and-tested options

Operators can also choose from a wide range of tried-and-tested options such as P-Fold, DPS-C and HPSC-Plus GEOM. With the P-Fold assistance system, crane operators can fold and unfold the crane quickly and easily using only finger movements. The intelligent controller coordinates the movements of the crane and fly jib up to a predefined working position. With semi-automatic controls, the process is quick and comfortable.

DPS-C increases the lifting power on the fly jib tremendously by including the centres of gravity of the load and dead weight in the Paltronic calculations. HPSC-Plus GEOM uses the same effect, resulting in a reach-dependent and therefore optimised stability monitoring. In situations where the vehicle is not fully supported or the reach is limited, the lifting capacity is increased significantly.

The PK 135.002 TEC 7 – an all-rounder for diverse applications.

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