The City of Edmond Electric

Aerial Lift Trucks bring power to the Edmond Community


Located in Edmond, Oklahoma, The City of Edmond Electric relies on their PALFINGER equipment to keep their fleet up and running regardless of weather conditions. From bucket trucks to digger trucks, the division rebuilds and repairs power lines to ensure all communities have access to electricity.

The aerial lift truck works tirelessly supporting work that involves lifting, maintenance, building new pole lines, re-conductoring existing pole lines, and ultimately helping those who have lost power during inconvenient weather adversities.

Jason Smith, Crew Foreman, has worked for the company for 24 years and believes working in the industry has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience. As an expert in the field, Jason understood the need to purchase a PALFINGER ETI Aerial Lift Truck.

“Compared to the competitor’s equipment we have operated, the PALFINGER Aerial Lift Truck outshined the rest,” comments Jason, “the platform elevator, PTO, bins for storage, and safety features were all important aspects when we decided to purchase this specific machine.” Jason especially valued the functionality and design of the Aerial Lift Truck, explaining that “it keeps our guys safe on the job and has everything we look for in an aerial lift—plus, it’s a big bonus to have the best looking truck out in the field!”

When asked what he likes most about his job, Jason replied, “being able to help people in our community is what motivates me each day. When people are out of power, we are the first people they rely on. I’ve been involved in a lot of hurricanes and people are always very understanding and thankful when they see you out there fixing their power”.

When The City of Edmond Electric is working 24 hours a day on a jobsite, they cannot afford downtime. With the PALFINGER aerial lift truck, they keep working profitably and get the job done.

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