T 12

Maximum payload for small trucks with increased container length range

Product group:
up to 20,000lbs
Product line:
Dual point articulation

High strength to weight ratio design; containers from 10'- 14' all with 48° and 52° dump angles; 36-1/4" pickup bar height; dual point articulation; dual lift cylinders for added strength and stability; sliding jib to accommodate short containers and adjustment of weight distribution; electric in cab controls; safety interlock prevent accidental disengagement of dump locks.

  • PALFINGER American Roll-Off
PALFINGER American Roll-Off

American Roll-Off entered the roll-off and hooklift markets by introducing its American Roll-off™ and Hooklift hoists, along with a full line of standard and custom designed body offerings. PALFINGER American Roll-off is responsible for all container handling systems activities , including the PALFINGER Hooklift brand, with manufacturing facilities located in Trenton, NJ.

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Technical data

Configuration Capacity
Container length
Jib height
Dump angle
Operating pressure
Min. CA/CT
Platform length
Min. F/R suspension
Min. RBM
T 12L 12,000 12'- 14' 36" 48˚ 4,500 96"- 108" 153 17500.0 6K/13.5K 500K
T 12S 12,000 10'- 12' 36" 52˚ 4,500 84" 134 17500.0 6K/13.5K 500K