HPSC Expert

"Having started as an apprentice at Kuhn in 1999, I am now lucky to be always operating the very latest cranes and systems. I am responsible for the HPSC setting as well as the training for the customers. PALFINGER has been with me for a very long time and I also have a lot of private contacts that can be traced back to PALFINGER products." #reachanything

Samuel Sternbauer, Kuhn Ladetechnik

Easy & convenient Partner

“Being a Philadelphia business, PALFINGER in Trenton was an easy and convenient partner for installations, parts and service as needed. When we transitioned from cable hoists in 2020, PALFINGER was the obvious choice for us based on recommendations of current users of the T series hook hoists, our chassis provider, as well as our container fabricator.”#reachanything

David Geppert, Sr. | David Geppert, Jr.  (Owners)

David Geppert Recycling   |

Making work easier

"The robust design of the PALFINGER EPSILON cranes fascinates me and makes my daily work so much easier. I am also thrilled by the ease of operation. I spend my entire day working in the forest and in nature, which is very peaceful to me. The combination of an offroad unit and the right PALFINGER EPSILON crane makes work really fun - especially on steep slopes! "#reachanything

Alexander Wastl
BayerWald Forst (Cham, Bayern)


"A successful business partnership is sort of like a family - PALFINGER and the customers. We are like a big family, and that's really important. And that makes it easier to do our work, to solve problems and to be successful together. "#reachanything

Steve Llyod
Palfinger Australia, General Manager

Success of our partners

"We trust PALFINGER to uplift us and our clients with their quality cranes, professional staff and world-class service support." #reachanything

James Tham
Managing Director, Penguin International Limited

Bigger, taller, heavier

"In the agriculture and construction world, equipment's getting bigger, taller, heavier. With PALFINGER, they allow us to reach anything." #reachanything

Dan Inglima,
Corporate Service Manager Everglades Equipment Group

Quality and innovation

"PALFINGER has always been recognized for its quality and innovation. For most people, it is the number one and customers want to have a PALFINGER product. It's synonymous with success, their success ultimately. And only when you have that kind of quality and that kind of reaction from the customer, from the end user, that is the key to reach anything. "#reachanything

Jean-Guy Deom
Deom, Owner


"When you see in so many years that we have brought several products to the market, and our customers have become our friends in the meantime. They are all very happy with it and they do a good job. And that gives you a great feeling every time, to do something good. That's what drives you on! "#reachanything

Natasa & Andrej Rustja
PK d.o.o., Owner

Successful collaboration

"Outreach Offshore Ltd can look back at over 40 years of successful collaboration as a PALFINGER dealer. We have a very diverse history in product development in multiple equipment markets, in recent years we have been focusing on the marine, renewable and offshore industry. Today the renewable energy sector is an important priority to focus on, as the demand has changed for power generation that is cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Therefore the PALFINGER products have a big future in support of this change in infrastructure. Our aim is to work closer to support our clients together." #reachanything

Stuart Finlayson
Outreach Offshore Ltd., General Manager

The key to success

"With the fly-jibs of our two PALFINGER PK 165.002 TEC 7 cranes, we have a longer outreach and a higher load capacity. Without them, we would not have managed because we have loaded about 25 metric tons at an average height of 36 meters. For demanding circumstances, flexibility is the key. "#reachanything

Vladimir Šimunić and Ivan Gerić
M.I. Hršak, Crane Operators

Success of our partners

"Success drives me. I mean firstly, I don't care if it's a small job or a big job, but every deal that we close, I'm very happy for it. So, I run after a small deal like a big one, because for me, success is something I really admire. And when I see at the end, the customer is happy with the product, it is something that gives me satisfaction."#reachanything

Sherif Azer
E.G.T.S Co_Owner

Reach everything together

"I think what is very central is that you really are a family. You are active together in the market and you don't just have a one-sided situation, but you really have this partnership. That is something that has shaped us over this long period of time that we have been working together. You can rely on the people and thus achieve anything together." #reachanything

Ruedi Sutter
Walser Schweiz AG, General Manager

Crane Jumper

"I have been a loader crane jumper for 4 years, so it is not always easy to deal with different types of vehicles and loader cranes. However, with PALFINGERS's innovations it is a pleasure and at the same time a great challenge day after day!" #reachanything

Stephan Glatzl
Crane Operator, H.T.S Transporte Stans