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The PALFINGER PCC 57.002 crawler crane performs at its best, when it comes to coping with steep slopes where the ground is unstable. Not every crane is capable of this! It also demonstrates its versatility when erecting power poles in the mountains of St. Johann im Pongau, Austria.

It's early in the morning above St. Johann im Pongau and a demanding job with a view of the impressive Salzach Valley is on the agenda for crane operator Alex. His employer, company Grabmaier, has been tasked with lifting electricity pylon elements weighing up to 2.5 tons at a height of 15 meters. After the elements have been assembled by means of a PALFINGER loader crane, the approach takes place, among other things, over a steep, uncompacted section with a slope gradient of up to 28 degrees. The lifting work itself takes place in an extremely tight space. None of this is a problem for the versatile PCC 57.002 crawler crane.

Steep, steeper, steepest

"What impressed me about the crawler crane was the extraordinary slope it can cope with. With a mobile crane, the effort would have been far too great, as it would have required soil compaction on site in addition to the road widening and reconstruction" explains client Markus Viehhauser, owner of VIMA Maschinen-Service e.U., enthusiastically. "With the crawler crane, we are more optimized on the road and, thanks to the perfect weight distribution, we were also able to drive to the site without any crop damage." says Viehhauser. The use of the PCC thus prevented enormous additional costs and the job was completed in just three days.

Weight distribution as an advantage

The lifting operations took place on a space of seven by eight meters. The power pole bases and power pole elements weighing 1.9 to 2.5 tons were to be lifted 17 meters wide and 15 meters high. This was a challenging situation that was effortlessly managed by crane operator Alex and his PALFINGER PCC. In the process, work was carried out both downhill and uphill from the small platform, which particularly highlighted the function of shifting. "You can move left and right on the outriggers during the crawler crane work and thus achieve the ideal support during operation. Above all, the lifting power from the PCC is also significantly increased" explains crane operator Alex.

Versatile also in terms of (e)drive

Alex and the PALFINGER PCC 57.002 crawler crane are already linked by countless experiences and a large number of successful operations. Activities in the construction industry, on the road in the mountains or in indoor areas for industrial companies are part of everyday life for the crane operator. One of the first assignments with Grabmaier was particularly challenging. At a large Austrian company, the crawler crane was placed on a steel scaffold lined with steel plates on the fourth floor. Over several months, components were lifted in this way in a very confined space, as there would otherwise have been no other option. "We also work a lot indoors or in closed rooms of larger companies. The advantage of the PCC is that there is a diesel engine at the front and an electric motor at the rear with 400 volts. With the electric drive, the work is quieter and thus also prevents exhaust fumes", Alex and his colleagues really appreciate this. With an incredible 15 kW of electrical power, the PCC 57.002 is powerful, precise and extremely quiet. This not only means optimum protection for workers in indoor areas, but also supports a more positive environmental balance. A true electric and, if required, emission-free all-rounder!


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