Customized maintenance solution by PALFINGER South Africa


Around the world maintenance teams are faced with new and unique challenges day by day. PALFINGER has encountered and solved a lot of these challenges over the years and are experienced in building special lifting solutions even for the most complex costumer needs.

Unique challenge from a customer

In this case the customer needed a lifting solution that will fit on one vehicle which includes not only an aerial basket with a reach of 20-22 meters, but also a crane with a lifting capacity of about 2 tons at 8 meters and an additional crew cab. Both the platform and the crane should be able to be used simultaneously. With the truck tender being rewarded to Volvo for a Volvo 440 truck, the team had to sit down and draw up a plan on how to meet the customers’ needs with the vehicle provided.

PALFINGER and is up for the challenge

The experienced engineering team designed a one-of-a-kind maintenance vehicle using the PALFINGER PACWIN program. With all the drawings in place, ensuring the truck will be stable, a local body builder started to build the subframe and crew cab, whereafter a local dealer from PALFINGER South Africa fitted the P 240 A aerial platform and the remote controlled PALFINGER PK 18500 loader crane. They also added additional safety structures and devices to conform to health and safety standards required by the customer. The truck was fitted with six general stabilizers, four stabilizers for operating the P 240 A aerial platform at maximum height and two stabilizers for optimal use of the PK18500 Performance loader crane.

No matter what the challenge of the day entails, whether it’s working on electrical lines – not live lines – or picking up and holding objects in place during maintenance or just moving equipment around site, this specialized solution provided by the South African dealer from PALFINGER is up for every task provided.

For more information on this project or similar projects, contact the local dealer in South Africa directly by visiting their website: or via the Sales- & Service Search.