PK 15001 L Performance

PK 15001 L Performance

Loader Crane
Nothing is left to be desired when the PK 15001 L Performance supremely tackles its work of transporting building materials. This crane's speed of movement makes it an efficient and reliable partner in the handling of heavy loads. Maximum stability of the carrier vehicle is ensured by a particularly wide hydraulic stabiliser.

Loading height in close range

Thanks to the very good loading height in close range, the crane can move pallets over the entire loading area.


High Speed Extension

The High Speed Extension is a standard feature on PALFINGER loader cranes. Also referred to as Return Oil Utilization, this feature is a regenerative hydraulic circuit for the extension booms. It speeds up the boom extend and retract functions by up to 30%.

Slewing angle

The slewing angle of 440 degrees enables the maximum radius of action.



PK 12001 L / PK 15001 L

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