Insulated / Non-insulated


Bucket Trucks

Truck Mounted Telescopic
Imperial Metric
Type Telescopic
Working height Up to 34'
Side reach Up to 22' 9"

The ETT model series provides customers a multitude of options with an aerial that has a working height of 34 feet. The ETT 29 INT / SNV is a telescopic aerial mounted on a truck designed for the ease of use with access to powerful options. Standard features include a gear box that has an extended shaft for manual rotation, adjustable wear pads, upper controls at the platform and lower controls accessible from the ground. Optional equipment can be added to tailor the unit to the customer needs and may include hydraulic platform leveling, electric tool circuit, oversize bucket, pedestal riser and many more. This model is a solution provider to customers that need reach and height to accomplish a job.



Aerial Lift ETT 29 SNT

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