P 250 BK

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 315 CDI 4x2
Contract number: P250BK Standard
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- 4 Safety-Spreader plates incl. bracket on the platform covering
- Covers made of aluminium chequer plate
- Home-Function
- Operator control panel in cage (optional display possible)
- Stabilizer control panel at the base
- Automatic stabilizer levelling system
- Three stabiliser configurations: jacking within vehicle width, wide jacking and one-side wide jacking and automatic release of the related workspace
- 1x user manual, signs, display language (if display is present) in country specific language
- 230V/10A CEE-socket incl. supply with residual current circuit breaker at the base
- 230V CEE-socket at cage
- Additional CEE-socket supplied by on-board voltage
- Cleaning hatch at cage
- Self-closing door for upright entrance to the cage
- 2 anchor points for safety harnesses
- PALDiag for system analysis, integrated in platforms software


Painted in MB9147 arctic white


Next unit available in CW 23.2023


Offer information

Location details
Löbau, 02708 - Germany Germany
Dealer Name
Palfinger Platforms GmbH
Dealer E-mail
Dealer phone
Product type
Contract number
P250BK Standard


Manufacturer PALFINGER
Model P 250 BK
Order number 11250XXX
Construction year 2020/2021
Outreach 16,9 m
Max. height of work 24,7 m
Turret rotation 500°
Basket size 1,40 x 0,70 x 1,10 m
Basket capacity 250 kg
Basket turning device +/- 90°
Basket arm angle 185°
Basket material Aluminum


Truck manufacturer Mercedes Benz
Vehicle type Sprinter 315 CDI
Construction year 2022
Wheel base 3.665 mm
Power 110 kW (150 PS)
Emmission standard EURO 6
Axes 4x2
Gross vehicle weight 3.500 kg


Lifiting Capacity

DIAG_P250BK MB Sprinter 3XX - 3665 4x2 BB Single (04.09.2020) EN_1.pdf
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Truck data

SPEC_P180BK, P220BK, P250BK, P280B MB Sprinter 315 - 3665 4x2 BB Index [-] EN.pdf
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Platforms _ Area sales Manager_1.pdf
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