Partnership and Global Crisis

Sometimes, a crisis emerges out of the blue. By combining the stable PALFINGER foundation with a completely new way of thinking, we can find answers in challenging times like these. As a team, together with our customers and partners its not our goal to overcome a challenge, but to emerge even stronger, together. To stay a reliable, innovative and strong partner is the main goal of our global challenge Partnership and Global Crisis.


SVP Global Sales & Service


In uncertain times, a brand can be a powerful symbol. It can be a bright beacon that gives orientation on the one hand, but also indication for innovation and change on the other hand. The challenging times call for a transformation process. By appreciating the successful brand without missing out any new opportunity, we can manage this global challenge and take the PALFINGER Brand to a next level.


VP Marketing & Communications

Digital Transformation and Solution Development

Digitalization will affect every aspect of how we work, live and think in the future. Simply delivering outstanding products is not enough, we push ourselves to develop integrated and smart solutions. We think forward and (use) our strengths to the maximum, all to deliver added value for our customers every day. With this mindset, we can use the potential of our global challenges in Digital Transformation and Solution Development.


SVP Product Line Management & Engineering

Digital Transformation and Innovation.

The digital transformation has not only reached us, it has already started. As a driver of innovation, PALFINGER needs to actively turn this challenge into opportunities. Thinking not only in products, but in solutions and new digital business models is key in the global challenges of Digital Transformation and Innovation.


VP Corporate Incubator, P21st