Challenge Accepted – strong and stable

Relocating a construction company site from A to B? That requires a reliable, stable and powerful solution. A task for the PK 30.002 TEC 7! Our loader crane does not only provide the perfect mix of performance and reach, but it offers all the advantages of our innovative TEC-range: P-profile, functional design and a wide range of innovative assistance and comfort systems.

Lifting a 2.5 ton excavator onto the roof of the old hall? No problem! Transporting insulation material onto the roof of the new office building? Easy! The experienced crane operator Thomas Pagnal appreciates the functionality and, above all, the unique steel construction of our loader crane: "The P-profile is awesome, it can handle pretty much everything." Whatever the job, thanks to the PK 30.002 TEC 7 Thomas is optimally equipped - Challenge Accepted!