Smart apprenticeship exam with Smart Eye

Since 2016, PALFINGER has been offering an apprenticeship training course for welding technicians at its Chinese plant in Rudong based on the Austrian model. The course is a high-quality training program that ends with a final apprenticeship exam. The first ten of a total of 30 apprentices started the course in summer 2020. But then Corona turned everything upside down. Due to travel restrictions, the PALFINGER and WIFI International examination committee could not travel to China.

This bitter blow presented a new challenge. PALFINGER attaches great importance to the best possible training of its specialists, both in Austria and at its international locations. In this respect, Rudong is a showcase pilot project. Postponing the final exam until 2021 was not a solution.

"Special challenges require special measures," explains PALFINGER CEO Andreas Klauser. "During COVID-19, we have made full use of our digitization skills and, together with WIFI International, set up the first digital apprenticeship exam."

In October the examination committee met at PALFINGER in Kasern and was connected to the apprentices and their trainers in Rudong using secure and stable data lines. The members of the examination committee in Kasern were able to assess the practical tests - the fabrication of three workpieces - in detail.

With the proven service tool, the PALFINGER Smart Eye, the examiners were virtually able to look over the apprentices' shoulders. Used in combination with fixed and mobile cameras, they were able to follow the exam live and communicate directly with the apprentices and trainers in Rudong. The WIFI International examination committee was therefore directly involved, during the oral examination as well, of course.

All ten apprentices successfully passed the exam, five with a B and one with an A. Together with PALFINGER, they made it a premiere. The digital examination can go into series production. Challenge Accepted!