Not all cable hoists on the market are manufactured equally!

AWS D1.1 Certified Welding

There is a lot of welding on a cable hoist, but not all welding is created equal! Trust in our AWS D1.1 standard certified quality welding.

Bushed with Bronze-Aluminum

10-12” Cable Sheave

On any 60-75k Rolloff, we utilize a 10-12” Sheave, not an 8” as many competing products do. A larger sheave is much easier on the cable and bushings leading to longer life.

Simple and Effective

Patented Folding ICC Bumper

Our patented ICC bumper automatically folds when the hoist is raised without the added complexity of another air valve or active mechanical pivots.

Available on Top Mount Series, Direct Mount Series and Basic mount Series

Extendable Tail Models

Extendable Tails allow for lower loading heights assisting in sensitive areas. All of our extendable tail hoists are Federal DOT compliant; many in the industry are not with 22’ or 24’ containers. Under hoist tail cylinder eliminates the need for an extra idler pulley due to reeving cylinder spacing.