PK 19.001 SLD5

SCANIA P360B 6x2*4NB
Contract number: 1481599/Paldrive 51
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  • PK 19.001 SLD5
  • Lifting Moment 181.4kNm (18.5mt)
  • Classification HC1 HD4/B3 in EN12999
  • High extension speed by applying return oil utilization and oil passage through the cylinders
  • D - 5-section hydr. extension boom
  • T4I - Hose equipment, hose drum on the main boom and internal hose guidance in the boom system
  • Electronic HPLS with automatic activation
  • Single linkage with Single Link Plus 15°
  • Rack and pinion slewing system
  • Slewing angle 420°
  • Single stabilizer control with operated check valves on the stabilizer rams
  • Load holding valve on slewing-, inner-, outer- and extension boom cylinder
  • Rigid stabilizer plates
  • Box level on both control panels


  • Truck
  • SCANIA P360B 6x2*4NB
  • Engine type: DC09 127
  • Performance: 360hp Euro6
  • Gearbox GR 875 Performance modes Economy, standard and power, kickdown mode, clutch system automatic
  • Climate system control aoutomatic
  • GVW technical 28000 kg
  • Legal weight 1st axle 9000 kg
  • Legal weight 2nd axle 11500 kg
  • Legal weight 3rd axle 7500 kg
  • Tyre dimension front axle 385/65 R22.5
  • Tyre dimension rear axle 315/80 R22.5
  • Tyre dimension tag axle behind driven axle 385/65 R22.5
  • Year of production 2019
  • Cab colour White

Offer information

Location details
Lengau, 5106 - Austria
Dealer details
Palfinger Europe GmbH
Dealer E-mail
Dealer phone
Product type
Contract number
1481599/Paldrive 51


Manufacturer Palfinger
Equipment no. 100496481
Construction year 2019


Truck manufacturer SCANIA
Truck order no. 1386868-001
Chassis identification No. YS2P6X20005557373
Wheel formula 6x2*4NB
Emmission standard Euro6
Axes 6x2
Gross vehicle weight 26000 kg



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Truck data

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PK 19.001 SLD5

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PK 19.001 SLD5

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