P 300 KS

Mercedes Benz Atego 818 4x2
Contract number: 25300713
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• 30 m working height at 350 kg cage load

• Stabilizer operation from the base at the left and at the right side

• Sensitive and intuitive operation of all platform movements as well as individually programmable configuration of the joysticks on the control panel

• Thanks to the fully variable stabilizer system, the stabilizers can be positioned precisely, even on uneven terrain with 730 mm stroke and up to 5° inclination.

• The reach optimization leads to maximum outreach through permanent coordination of stabilizer position, set-up angle and inclination and cage load

• Shifting with upright cage boom enables operations at a working height of 8m and offers time savings during work

• The shortest overall length and wheelbase in this class (3055mm) ensures good maneuverability

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Löbau, 02708 - Germany
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Palfinger Platforms GmbH
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Contract number


Manufacturer PALFINGER
Model P 300 KS
Order number 25300713
Construction year 2021
Outreach 20,5 m
Max. height of work 30,0 m
Turret rotation 540 °
Basket size 1,8 x 1,0 x 1,1 m
Basket capacity 350 kg
Basket arm angle 190 °
Basket material Aluminium


Truck manufacturer Mercedes Benz
Vehicle type Atego 818
Wheel base 3.020 mm
Power 130 kW / 177 PS
Emmission standard Euro 6
Axes 4x2
Gross vehicle weight 7.490 kg


Lifiting Capacity

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