PK 36.502 TEC 7

Loader Crane

PK 36.502 TEC 7
  • Very stiff and light boom system thanks to P-Profile
  • High user friendliness due to in-house developed radio remote control PALcom P7
  • More efficiency with fly-jib due to DPS-C
  • Maximum utilisation of the working range thanks to extended HPSC
  • More lifting power due to S-HPLS
  • Practical and attractive due to Functional Design

Smart Control

With Smart Control, the operator of a TEC 7 crane turns hard work into smart work and can control a horizontal or vertical movement of the crane tip with only one lever. The intuitive control of the tip allows a diagonal movement as well as any curve by combining both directions. 



The polygonal or drop-shaped P-Profile is especially rigid and simultaneously light weight design perfection. Thanks to self-lubricating materials, the extension boom system is low in maintenance.



P-Fold is a PALFINGER assistance system. It makes folding and unfolding an easy job for the operator. The P-Fold system also works in combination with the innovative RTC (Rope Tension Control). Both systems perfectly support the crane’s set-up processes and thus reduce set-up times to a minimum.



The new RTC (Rope Tension Control) system is an automatic rope tensioning device that helps to fold and unfold the crane. This is a further innovation from PALFINGER that will significantly shorten the set-up time.



Efficiency for fleet, truck and crane - we support you in modern fleet management with efficient digital platforms, optimzied for fleet managers, crane operators and service partners. 



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