Railway Systems


Optimum efficiency is achieved when PALFINGER railway units are used in combination with each other. This means, for example, that all work positions can be reached simply, quickly and safely when installing and maintaining overhead contact wires. By simultaneously using a positioner which is remotely controlled from the platform, the pressure on the anchor points of the contact wire and carrying cable can be relieved and work can be carried out on insulators and mounting brackets. If another crane is used in addition, then even the heaviest components such as the overhead contact wire masts or automatic tensioners can be replaced in record time. System solutions include a number of optionally matched units.



The increasing demand for accuracy placed on the catenary systems on high-speed routes means that there can be no collision of the crane boom with the overhead contact wire. New machine concepts are required to enable work to be carried out efficiently in even the shortest breaks between trains and also without obstructing the adjacent track.

PKR railway cranes meet these requirements perfectly.

PALFINGER PKR railway cranes are: 

  • The optimum crane concept for use underneath overhead contact wires 
  • Powerful in all working positions thanks to the time-tested PALFINGER Power Link® system 
  • Particularly robust for the most difficult assignments on large track curve cambers 
  • Optimally suited to all performance requirements with a wide range of optional equipment 
  • Extremely versatile due to a large number of additional attachments 
  • Particularly efficient due to high operating speeds


Extremely busy routes require constant construction and maintenance work. It is only possible to efficiently manage the manipulation of building materials and heavy items of equipment which this involves by using versatile and powerful vehicles.

PALFINGER railway cranes considerably expand the application range of these vehicles. They therefore make a significant contribution to the mechanisation of workflows which is absolutely essential due to increasing cost pressure.

Further examples of their versatility: 

  • with load hook 
  • with sleeper grab 
  • with loppers 
  • with branch saw 
  • with rail tongs 
  • with mulching device 
  • with cable winch 
  • with workman basket 
  • with clamshell grab


Innovation and application-specific expertise are reflected in PALFINGER Railway’s versatile access platforms. They facilitate particularly fast and efficient repair and maintenance work. They also create safe access to all positions in the catenary and power supply system.

PALFINGER Railway access platforms offer:

  • Maximum working safety 
  • Maximum efficiency during assignments 
  • Maximum working comfort 
  • Optimum access to all points in the catenary and power supply system 
  • A huge working range, with some models down to well below track level 
  • Especially high basket loads 
  • Particularly strong slewing mechanisms for maximum track curve cambers and additional horizontal forces 
  • A large range of optional equipment for specific performance requirements 



PALFINGER positioners for contact wires and carrying cables are particularly appreciated by people working in the field. The units have two separate remotely controllable manipulator arms which can handle all horizontal and vertical forces arising in the catenary system.

PALFINGER positioners for contact wires and carrying cables offer: 

  • Accurate and simultaneous installation of pre-tensioned contact wires and carrying cables 
  • Maximum efficiency when replacing insulators and mounting brackets without altering the tension or the accuracy of the catenary system 
  • Efficient operation with millimeter precision using proportional radio remote control 



PALFINGER bridge inspection units have been successfully used on a large number of railway vehicles, 2-way vehicles and road vehicles for many years. They stand out by virtue of a particularly large operating range both above and below track level.

Equipped with electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic energy in the workman baskets, these units can also be used for taking material samples and for carrying out light repair work.

PALFINGER bridge inspection units offer: 

  • A large operating range 
  • A high level of working comfort 
  • Maximum operational safety 
  • The shortest possible setting up and dismantling times 
  • Full mobility in inspection operation without stabilizer supports
  • An optimum weight/performance ratio