Integration of Harding Safety is completed

New appearance for the enlarged company

After acquiring Harding Safety in June 2016, the company will be officially and fully integrated into PALFINGER MARINE as of 1.1.2017. We are now able to offer a complete range of deck equipment, including cranes, lifesaving, winches and military and professional boats. In addition, our global service coverage is greater than ever before.

As of 1.1.2017, a new organisational structure will apply. All efforts are made to work as one company and combine strengths, know-how and expertise.

The new PALFINGER MARINE will be organized through five regions, supported by three product divisions. In order to serve our global customers with local service, all sales and service activities will be handled by our regional setup whilst the product divisions will handle production, technical support, research & development.

Full integration with new appearance 

The Harding brand will be fully integrated and changes its name to PALFINGER MARINE. To form an even stronger brand, PALFINGER MARINE will change to the yellow and black PALFINGER logo.




Regional Set Up_


The former business units are re-organised in three product divisions, each backed up by a huge service network:

Product Divisions


Until further notice, your contact persons remain the same. E-mail address and phone numbers will still be functional.