P 900

Reaching new heights. The most state-of-the-art technology offered by the global market

Product group:
Top class
Product line:
energy supply, renting, building cleaners

Embedded in an attractive style, the P 900 Top class offers amazing new options for reaching workplaces located at a height. A striking feature of this is the maximum vertical range. The most state-of-the-art technologies in combination with simple operator comfort and a jib boom featuring a wide range of mobility make it easier - and safer - to perform work at height. Based on cost-effective principles, the platform profiles have been assembled on a standardised chassis. Thanks to practical customer workshops, extensive optimizations were made to details, the benefits of which make everyday usage easier and safer.
The P 900 belongs to the "top class"of European mechanical engineering art.

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Technical data

Max. height of work 90 m
Max. basket floor height 88 m
Max. horizontal outreach /with basket load 32,3 m
Slewing range of basket 2 x 48°
Hydraulic jib boom, working range 180°
Max. stabilizer spread 8.0 m
Workman basket - breadth / length / height 2,15/3,45 x 0,95 x 1,15 m
Telescopic basket (when jib boom is not extended) 530.0 kg
Heavy-duty basket (when jib boom is not extended) 700.0 kg

Technical Drawings


A possible 2% tolerance is contingent on stuctural components