Mounting Kits

New front stabilizer kits

The PALFINGER Mounting Competence Center is expanding its front stabilizer portfolio by adding further kits that make the installation quicker and easier. The novel compact construction method also enables the total vehicle length to be appreciably reduced.

Single and double stabilizer kits in the new version are already available for Volvo, Scania and MAN vehicles and a single stabilizer kit will be available within the foreseeable future for Mercedes Arocs as well.

Subframe modules

As a result of the development of a modular concept and optimized processes within the company, we are in a position to ship your desired subframe within an agreed short lead time from date of order placement. The frames are available either with or without loose add-on parts. They are, however, also available with side plates and wear plates already welded on, which in the case of the new TEC cranes have the new twist lock system already integrated. This preparation considerably reduces the time needed for the bodywork, as the crane then only has to be put on top of the frame and bolted in place.

Subframe without additional stabilizer

Subframe with additional stabilizer


The PALFINGER Mounting Competence Center offers a range of platforms tailored perfectly to customers' needs. The first platform available as a standard product is a top-mounted platform that gets screwed to the subframe.

This version is ideally suited as a kit solution, especially in combination with custom subframe modules or with the screwable subframe kit available shortly.

PC mounting kits for 3.5t vehicles

Complete kits have been developed in the PALFINGER Mounting Competence Center for easy, bolt-on mounting of PC cranes. These kits are available as mounting accessories, complete with all hydraulic and electrical parts, for 3.5t vehicles such as the MAN TGE, VW Crafter, VW T6, Mercedes Sprinter, Iveco New Daily, Fiat Ducato and Renault Master. As there is no need at all for any adaptations or welding work, the time needed for mounting can be reduced by 30-50%. No additional subframe is needed and the vehicle manufacturer's standard platform can be used.