State Contract Showcases the

Versatility of Palfinger Hooklifts


Cliffside Body has teamed up with Route 23 Ford and Palfinger to win the NJ State contract for hooklifts and related equipment; a multi-year endeavor of hard work that has paid off!

Why Palfinger?

Our T12S is one of the only hooklifts that fits perfectly on to the supplied F550 chassis to offer a very strong and durable solution for the various New Jersey government entities. The T12 is also the lightest hooklift available in its capacity class therefore allowing the most payload of any similar product offered!

We value our partnerships

Cliffside has put together a wide range of different bodies that work in conjunction with the T12 to offer an unparalleled level of versatility. Take a look at the various body packages. In addition to the 130 units purchased through the initial contract, local Municipalities may continue to purchase through the contract over the next 3 years, ensuring that the Cliffside and Palfinger stay busy for the foreseeable future. Great Job Cliffside, Route 23 and Sam Matino of PARO!

About PALFINGER American Roll-Off

American Roll-off entered the roll-off and hooklift markets by introducing its American Roll-Off™ and Hooklift hoists, along with a full line of standard and custom designed body offerings. In 1996 the company began manufacturing and selling the American Hawk™ Bulk Waste Crane.

PALFINGER American Roll-Off is responsible for all container handling system activities, including the PALFINGER Hooklift brand, with manufacturing facilities located in Trenton, NJ.

About the PALFINGER North America Group:

The PALFINGER North America Group was formed following PALFINGER’s acquisitions of MBB Interlift, Omaha Standard Inc. Automated Waste Equipment and Equipment Technology LLC (ETI). These new partnerships give PALFINGER the additional product lines, multiple truck chassis pools and a distribution network that meets the demands of key industries throughout North and Latin America.

The PALFINGER North America Group features (6) manufacturing locations, (10) wholly owned distribution locations and a dedicated staff of more than 1,000 employees who service the North and Latin American market.

For more information about PALFINGER North America or the PALFINGER North America Group, visit our website at

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