New solutions that do the heavy lifting!

Introducing the New PTV Liftgate


The market spoke, and we listened! Introducing the all-new PTV Liftgate by PALFINGER – a new solution to do the heavy lifting in your business. The PTV liftgate features a complete, dynamic redesign based on customer feedback and improves structure, performance, ease of use, installation, and maintenance. Together with our world-class service, the new PTV Liftgate delivers more uptime with less maintenance, longer service life and a lower cost of ownership – all to LIFT your business to new heights.

The PTV Liftgate is made with advanced technology and innovations that stand up to the stress of daily use and help keep your trucks on the road. Features include aluminum platforms for increased payloads, E-coat corrosion protection, smart controls ready for telematics, standardized dimensions and a common parts design for increased uptime, and a clean, modern appearance – to name a few.

Then there are enhancement highlights that take the PTV to the next level of performance:

  • Column Wrap
    • Provides superior strength and alignment
  • Column Design
    • Withstands tough conditions
  • Bolt-on Bracket Design
    • Simplifies mounting and installation
  • Battery Box Improvements
    • Increases reliability and safety
  • Hydraulic Enhancements
    • Deliver exceptional durability and a more robust system


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Worldwide, PALFINGER is the technology leader, standing for the most innovative, reliable and efficient lifting, loading and handling solutions for commercial vehicles. In North America since 1989, our established product portfolio qualifies PALFINGER as a complete truck-equipment solution provider. Industry sectors rely on PALFINGER-built knuckle boom cranes, bucket trucks/aerial lifts, liftgates, truck-mounted forklifts, EPSILON timber & refuse loaders, service truck solutions and container handling solutions.

The main guiding principle of PALFINGER is to make our customers more successful with the help of our advanced machines, market experience, technical skills, committed employees and our passion for innovation. Always close to the customer, more than 800 sales and service centers are conveniently located across North America to provide PALFINGER users with the support and dedication that they deserve. 


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