PALFINGER Service Team Visits a Tyre Scrap Workshop


PALFINGER Service Team Visits a Tyre Scrap Workshop!

For aftermarket service and feedback, the customer that our service team visited this time was a tyre waste workshop. We interviewed Mr. Seo won-jeong on our PALFINGER Epsilon crane. Mr Seo has been operating a crane in tyre waste sector for many years and is a seasoned operator.

What were you most satisfied with the PALFINGER Epsilon crane?

This is the first time I use the PALFINGER Epsilon product. I chose it because I heard that the quality was good.

While other products often had cracks in the boom structure after using for some period of time, I’m expecting the Epsilon product to be strong and durable from external shocks/damage with a built-in boom system.  

​After using it for about a month, I think has proven to be smooth, fast and quiet.

Is there anything different from an operation handling paper scraps in terms of crane operation in your work handling tyre scraps?

I don't think it is especially different from the work handling paper / metal scraps when it comes to crane operation. However, due to the nature of handling tyre waste, the durability of the boom structure is very important because it frequently does the pressing job when loading and unloading.


What are the three most important things when you choose a crane?

Above all, durability, aftermarket service, and price are most important for me.

The Epsilon M120L81 is a product with excellent lifting capacity compared to the domestic B company's equivalent model, and Epsilon's lifting capacity is 1450kg at a working distance of 8m, while the same class model B company shows a lifting capacity of 1280kg.

When comparing the maximum working distance measurements, Epsilon boasts a working distance of 8.14m, which is longer than Company B that offers a maximum of 8m of working distance. It also provides a rotational angle of 425˚ with a superior torque of 28 kNm. Furthermore, as it is equipped with a high-capacity pump (84cc/rev), it provides a higher rated flow of 80l/min compared to the domestic products.

Epsilon also offers faster speed and a quieter working environment.

PALFINGER has been actively reflecting the feedback of Korean customers for 20 years, listening to the voices of operators. We have improved the existing model, working on customizing the design of the Korean crane with a ground clearance of 3.33m, which is very suitable even for loading high scraps. With products backed up by more than 40 years of experience in crane manufacturing and technology, PALFINGER spares no expense in making investments to live up to our customers' trust and expectations.