PALFINGER Loader Cranes


Flexibility in different ways

Product Features

With this intelligent eDRIVE system, absolute flexibility in operating the crane is ensured. Just by pressing a button, the type of operation can be selected – Li-Ion battery package, electric grid, or via the vehicle engine.

The eDRIVE solution from PALFINGER provides an economical, energy-efficient, and emission-free application and also allows super-silent operation in sensitive areas regardless of out or indoor or during the day or nighttime.

Flexibility and reliability – are always given with the eDRIVE concept from PALFINGER. The charging process for example can be done by electric grid during the operation. This eliminates additional waiting times due to charging of the batteries.

The eDRIVE system is available for loader cranes series TEC and High Performance SH till 40 mt.



  • Flexibility with the charging process

  • Extended range of operation – noise-sensitive working hours, operating indoors (Hall/Hangar, etc.)

  • 3 different ways to operate: battery, electric grid, truck-engine