18 - 19 t GVW

PH T 18 / PH T 18A


PH T 18 / PH T 18A
Recommended Application Fits all applications
Lifting Capacity 18 t

Optimised mechanics, reduced transport height and various control modules meet the expectations of each of our customers, whatever their use. Whether in agriculture, construction or recycling, the PH T range offers constantly increasing payloads thanks to its reduced dead weight. With regard to performance, in terms of user comfort and operating speed or reliability, numerous patents allows us to confidently state that the PH T range is currently unrivalled on the market.

For a better control of your operation

View Following Function, the right cam at the right time

The VFF has been developed to allow a better control of operations from inside the cab. Drivers can see accurately and without effort, what they are doing. They can adjust their handling at the right moment saving time without compromising safety


  • Configurable to your requirements
  • One range – your applications
  • For every use intensity


  • Ergonomic controls
  • Flexible and silent operation
  • Simple and intuitive usability

Cost efficiency

  • Robust and reliable design
  • Ideal weight/power ratio
  • low maintenance costs


  • Minimised cycle time
  • Maximised payload
  • Extremely safe handling


Hook and Skiploader - Mounting Accessories

10,36 MB Download

Hookloader - PH T 18-24

3,18 MB Download


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